Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Music is Meat pt. 1- Ooooooh, NOW I get it!

Its pretty funny going from novels that are relatively straight forward to something as non-linear as this. The whole thing is a weird collage of essays, stories, narration, newspaper clippings, psychiatric admittance tests, and storyboards for a movie. I had no idea what was going on, but now that I am halfway through, I think I have a handle on this guy.

The author of this book, Eric Lunde, was a founding member of the (incredible) industrial group Boy Dirt Car and this books serves as something of a biography about the group. While not specifically about this band, the fictional band that this book serves as a memoir for (Dirttrap) takes a lot of their mythos from the original group. Now where the book distinctly swerves into fictional territory- the novel focuses on a director trying to make a documentary about Dirttrap that involves a reunion tour for the group. Unfortunately, immediately after the band finishes the first show, the lead singer dies and the rest of the band bails. The director is still financially obligated to make the movie, so he hires a washed up child actor to play the lead singer and a rush cover band to fill in for everyone else. And that's as far as I have gotten. So far its hilarious.

The rest of the book that does not have to deal with this was what had confused me. Random essays about noise warfair and the nature of punk rock and art theory. Finally, once the footnotes (yeah, there's footnotes) written from Lunde's point of view started kicking in, I finally got it. The whole thing is coming together to create a portrait of the author, and each piece of the collage gives a bigger picture. A lot of interesting ideas too. My favorite section so far was how any underground form of music cannot be revolutionary due to the fact that all of the tools used by the genres are taken directly from society around it.

I would love to go through every idea in this book, as I am finding a lot of clarity in what I have been working with lately (art theory, noise theory, revolutionary art, etc.- I guess its just a lot of art stuff, huh?), but the book is way too sprawling for this blog. I'll pick a few more as I move along and discuss them piece by piece.

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