Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Magus, pt. 1- Praying for Anthropomorphic Books

Sometimes I wished that books had faces, so I could punch books in the face.

The opening of this book is the introduction to two of the most annoying characters in any piece of fiction I have ever read. Two young, smart, and BEAUTIFULLY ALIVE people! These people are BEAUTIFULLY FLAWED in a BEAUTIFULLY FLAWED RELATIONSHIP, full of BEAUTIFULLY FLAWED LOVE for their BEAUTIFULLY FLAWED PARTNERS!!! *barfs all over himself*

Works of fiction like this completely romanticize horribly abusive relationships, usually of the emotional variety, for the sake of "saying something beautiful." The relationship is messed up, but these people FEEL, so its incredible. Thats the idea and its horrible. Its not beautiful, its not great, and its not something that anybody should ever go through. its scaring and horrible and ABUSIVE FROM BOTH ANGLES. Just because these people are scared of the fact that they are out of college and have absolutely no idea what the hell they are doing does not mean that they should be put on the pedestal as some incredible sample of humanity in its most human form. Put something up for show that should be aspired to, not inevitably accepted as something we have to go through.

Thankfully, that whole thing is starting to peter out, except a brand new dynamic of denying logical thought and just LEARNING TO LIVE AND LISTEN TO THE VOICE INSIDE OF You is starting to form. I'm hoping to god it doesn't, but if it does I'm buying boxing gloves.

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