Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Ironwee Pt. 2- Final Thoughts

I got the strange feeling while reading this that I was reading a novel written by Beckett in high school. I could see his themes popping up through the whole thing, but the style was completely not there (very basic, very standard, but not in a bad way) and Kennedy tossed in a few sappy family moments.

Regardless, the book got a Beckett comparison out of me, so of course I like it. A rambling bum who spends the entire time coming to grips with past sins and negligences, all the while not actually going anywhere or really doing anything. Francis also stands out as one of the best characters I've seen on the list so far. INCREDIBLY vibrant and true with a depth and complexity that shown through and with the language used throughout. Great use of the supernatural as well, having the dead walk around as a means of Francis dealing with his problems. Small fantasy passages, changes in tense and speaker, small moments of meta-literature. At its heart, the books is incredibly simple, but in a literary sense, its just complicated enough that it kept my attention. Most importantly of all, though, the complexities present pointed me towards the heart of the book- all of it towards understanding Francis as a character and human being and archetype for a modern world.

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