Friday, October 1, 2010

The Magus, Pt 3- Final Thoughts

And as abruptly as it started, the whole thing finished. An incredible build of tension and deceit that never really went away, making me question every single thing that happened in the book- which is perfect. I'm usually not a huge fan of reality vs. non-reality themes in books, because theres no way a conclusion can be made. We can go ahead and assume that absolutely nothing within our realm of existence is actually real, but the fact of the matter is understanding this changes absolutely nothing. We are still bound to this and therefore its useless to ponder and we might as well just accept this as reality and work with it while we can. Now form wise, the theme worked wonderfully. Creating this fictional world where nothing was real, then bringing to what would have been a truth only to have the whole thing destroyed again. By the time you reach the end, nothing can be believed and thats awesome.

Now if only they cut out all the crap about love and what it means to be in love and how "women see relationships and men see objects," I would have been sold, but they (they? apparently this book was written by a committee...) didn't, and the whole thing boiled to what it means to love and how important love is. Books that do this are dangerous, so watch out for them. Many an unhappy life is made unhappier by this propagation.

So now I let my mind recover and move on, pleased as I can be.

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