Monday, April 11, 2011

As Loud As Possible Pt. 1- Holy Awesome

Yeah, as I mentioned in my preview, this magazine is incredibly. Highly detailed articles on a wide range of subjects. From recent topics (rise of HNW, Ides Recordings, Climax Denial) to older works (Broken Flag article, Zone Nord, Haters history), the whole thing comes off as being thoroughly researched, to the point of almost being academic. What saves it, though, is the tone of each article, which really brings out not only the artists voice, but the interviewers as well. Have really enjoyed everything in it I have read so far...

Except... There is a REALLY stupid article by John Olson on Local Christian music. The language is barely decipherable and the material is completely off topic (for the sake of being "edgy," or something). The whole thing just sounds like the dude wanted to pat his friends on the back and also show how elite this dude's tastes are. Frankly, it reeks of hipsterdom. And I hate talking about hipsters. But its there.

Still, the rest of the magazine (so far) totally makes up for it. Especially liked the article from C Spencer Yeh on his fav. Masonna release. A very personal yet still enlightening look into a mans record collection. Good stuff.

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