Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Call of the Wild, pt. 1- Anthropomorphism

The story focuses on the travels of a dog in Alaska as he works his way through various trails, pullin stuff on sleds. Told in third person, but more or less from the perspective of the dog. What the dog goes through, how he gets to where he is, all sorts of dog related stuff.

While the story is relatively straight forward, the approach works due to the subject of the story. Here's what gets me though- the anthropomorphism in the story is totally half of what I am used to. The dogs have human emotions and human thoughts, but can't talk or do anything beyond that. They are also totally dogs who are willing to eat and kill each other. It's a strange realization to have- Disney has totally owned anthropomorphism for the past hundred years or so.

It really bothered me for the first half of the half that I have read. These dogs thought and had human relationships and emotions, but still couldn't speak. So I spent that time thinking the book was bogus because dogs don't relate to each other like that (at least I'm pretty sure they don't), but then I thought about various disney movies and realized that Bambi's emotions never caused me any issue. Since the author only went half way on the anthropomorphism, I couldn't handle it.

Another weird perception I never knew I needed to get over. Damn you, Mickey mouse.

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